The modern lifestyle of people also causes acidification in our animals. For example, acidic waste is caused by incorrect nutrition, stress, a poor living environment, or due to insufficient exercise. Moreover, the natural ability of the animal to break down all those acidic waste materials is reduced as the animal ages. This effectively means that every animal sooner or later will start to acidify.

Why is alkalizing your pet healthy? 

Practice shows that deacidification with alkaline water has many positive effects on animals. It provides a healthy acid-base balance. Acid wastes in joints, bile, bladder, kidneys and urinary tract are dissolved. Animals become fitter, move easier and get a shiny coat to name a few benefits. Research has even shown that the life expectancy of animals is prolonged by drinking alkaline water.*  You can find all of the benefits here. 

Overweight and acidification

More than half of our pets are overweight. Many animals eat too often, too much and at the wrong times. Many foods are even strongly acidifying. For example, our pets are regularly given food that is intended for people. These contain, for example, many sugars. Besides, poor-quality animal feed is (too) often given which, among other things, contains a too high content of bad fatty acids. This results in overweight and acidification.

Deacidification in case of overweight

Active deacidification of an overweight pet not only counteracts the harmful effects of acidification. Active deacidification moreover improves the animal’s metabolism, which means that an adjusted diet will produce much better results.

Deacidifying your pet

You can counteract and prevent acidification of your pet if you have your animal actively deacidified. You can do so by having your pet drink alkaline water.

For which animals is pHpets® suitable?

pHpets® drops has been especially developed for: